Real-Time Campaign Monitoring

Monitor campaigns as they launch across the web. Stay informed, always, and never miss out on any advertising activity relevant to your brand or sector.

In-Depth Competitor Analysis

Dive deep into the advertising habits of your competitors. Understand where, how, and when they are capturing audience attention.

Curated Creative Insights

Manually curated summaries and categorizations of most campaigns. Gain insights from our expansive creative database and ensure your strategies are spot on.

Maximizing Profits with Market Intelligence

At our company, iShow Internet Services, we’re at the forefront of advertising analytics and digital solutions. Our prime offering is, not just a marketing intelligence platform, but your strategic partner in the ever-evolving world of digital advertising. 

It’s not just about observing the market; it’s about outsmarting it and maximizing your returns. Join us, and let’s turn insights into tangible gains.

Our Service

Key Features at a Glance

Real-Time Insights

Instantaneous tracking of campaigns, ensuring you're always informed and ahead in the dynamic advertising world.

AI-Enhanced Precision

Manual efforts paired with AI ensure impactful text extraction from creatives, offering a searchable, curated experience beyond automated services.

360° Coverage

Comprehensive monitoring spanning display advertising, YouTube, and social media, for an all-inclusive view of the digital ad world.

Ad Spend Estimates

Impression estimations that combine advanced methodologies with traffic insights, enabling accurate ad spend calculations.

Export to Excel

Seamlessly transfer insights from any dashboard directly into Excel. Perfect for in-depth analysis, presentations, and meetings.

Data Since 2012​

A rich repository capturing advertising trends over a decade, offering a historical perspective on market shifts.

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What our subscribers enjoy

Our specialized proprietary software revolutionizes how the digital advertising landscape is monitored in Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, and Cyprus. Your market could be our next destination.

Instant insights into who's advertising, when, and with what creative strategies.

Holistic advertising analysis for any time frame, sector, website, or media agency.

Deep dives into campaign details of websites, media agencies, advertisers, and tailored groups.

Relationship mapping to decipher the intricate web of market players – be it websites collaborating with advertisers or media agencies partnering with specific product categories.

360° View

Social Media Coverage

Facebook / Instagram

Gain insights across multiple advertisers. Effortlessly search within post texts, and access media content even from posts the advertiser has removed.


Harness the power of the premier professional network. Capture key ad insights, track sponsored posts, and analyze branding efforts across diverse industries.


Track preroll video ads with ease. By monitoring brand channels, we ensure comprehensive coverage, capturing every key advertisement for you.


Explore TikTok, the fastest-growing social media platform with over 1 billion active users monthly. Our coverage includes not just companies, but also influencers.


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